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SIAM ROLLS  ( CHICKEN OR VEGETABLE )                             6.50  
A mixture of vegetables wrapped in egg roll skin, and deep fried served with sweet and sour sauce.

 (CHICKEN OR BEEF)                                                          7.50
Choice of chicken or beef barbecued on skewers, served with sweet and sour sauce and
delicious peanut sauce.

DEVIL CHICKEN WINGS                                      
Deep fried chicken wings stuffed with ground shrimp, black mushroom, water chestnuts, and served with special honey tamarind sauce.   

Tofu skin stuffed with ground shrimp and spices, gathered at the neck with scallion string
then steamed and deep fried, served with sweet and sour sauce.

Shrimp wrapped crispy egg roll skin, served with sweet and sour sauce.

Fresh rice paper rolls, stuffed with shrimp, vermicelli, basil leaves, carrots and iceberg lettuce
served with special sauce, topped with ground peanuts.

Steam vermicelli, fresh papaya, lettuce, sweet basil, wrapped in fresh spring roll skins,
served with sweet and sour sauce, topped with ground peanuts.



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POT STICKERS   ( CHICKEN OR VEGETABLE )                          6.50
Steamed or fried dumplings filled with chicken or vegetable, served with soy ginger sauce

SHUMAI                                                                                                6.50
Shrimp and vegetables dumplings served steam or fried, served with soy ginger sauce.

TOFU TRIANGELS                                                                              5.95
Fresh soft Tofu sliced to bite size triangles deep fried until golden brown served
with sweet and sour sauce, topped with ground peanuts.

                                    7.50  /  10.95
Deep fried shrimp or vegetables in a light, crispy batter, served with sweet and sour sauce.

Boiled Japanese green soy beans.


HOT & SOUR SHRIMP SOUP ( TOM YUM GOONG )              4.25
The famous Thai hot and sour soup spiced with chili, Lemon grass, mushrooms and lime juice.

CHICKEN COCONUT SOUP ( TOM KHAR GAI )                          4.25
Mild and delicious chicken soup with coconut  milk. Galangal and lime juice.

SEAFOOD COCONUT SOUP                                                          4.95
Assorted seafood in coconut milk soup, seasoned with galanga, mushrooms and lime juice.

TOFU VEGETABLE SOUP                                                                  4.25
Fresh soft Tofu with mixed vegetables in clear broth.

GLASS NOODLE SOUP                                                                      4.25
Shrimps, Bean threads, mushrooms, snow peas, and leeks in clear broth.

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HOUSE GREEN SALAD                                                                     5.50
The assortment of fresh seasoned green vegetables. Served with special peanut sauce.     
Dressing on the side.                                                                   

SEAWEED SALAD                                                                           6.50
Ocean vegetables seasoned with white sesame dressing.

THAI STYLE BEEF SALAD                                                                12.95
Thinly Sliced steamed beef on green vegetables with exotic special spicy lime sauce.  

SOM-TUM ( PAPAYA SALAD )                                                         15.95
Chopped papaya and carrot salad with spicy sweet and sour dressing,
seasoned with garlic and chili, topped with grilled chicken and roasted ground peanut.

SEAFOOD YUM YUM                                                                     15.95
Shrimps, squids, scallops sautéed in mouthwatering sour and spicy sauce,
tossed with shallots, onions, and scallions.

LARB KAI                                                                                         12.95
Minced chicken tossed with shallots, scallions, seasoned with exotic Asian herbs,
spicy lime sauce, roasted rice powder and coriander.


( Served with white rice or brown rice )                                  

BEEF                                                                            13.95
SHRIMP OR  DUCK                                                  14.95

Mushrooms, bamboo shoots, eggplant and paper.

Pineapple, onions ,summer squash, carrot and baby corn.

Eggplants, basil leaves, green bean and zucchini.

String beans, bamboo shoots, eggplants and green pepper.

Sweet potato, onions, carrot, pineapple and peanut.

Red pepper, green pepper, green beans and eggplants. 

String beans, green pepper, red pepper and pine nuts.



( Served with white rice or brown rice )

ORIENTAL SALMON                                                                  14.95
Sauteed salmon chunks with snow peas, green beans, mushrooms, bell peppers in red curry sauce.

LEMON SCALLOPS                                                                        16.95
Scallops sautéed with fresh lemon juice and green vegetables in ginger sauce.

SHRIMP HIMAPARN                                                                     14.95
Tender shrimp sautéed with roasted cashew nuts , onions, mushrooms, snow pea, 
celery and scallions in mouthwatering honey lemon sauce.

FISHERMAN TREASURE                                                           17.95
Sauteed onions, red and green pepper, mushroom with shrimp, scallops, mussels
squid in spicy thai basil sauce.

SEAFOOD DELIGHT                                                                          17.95
A combination of shrimp, scallops and squid sautéed with assorted fresh vegetables
In our house special brown sauce.     

GARLIC SHRIMP                                                                                14.95 
Shrimp sautéed with bell pepper, onions, mushroom, scallions and garlic.

SCALLOP EGGPLANT                                                                        16.95
Thin-sliced Japanese eggplant sautéed with scallops and basil in brown garlic soy sauce.


PAD THAI                                                                                             10.95 / 11.95
The most famous Thai noodle dish, fried with shrimp, chicken, ground peanut, egg,
bean sprouts ,scallions and exotic Thai spices

PAD THAI COUNTRY STYLE                                                        12.95
An authentic spicy version of pad Thai with chicken, shrimp, fried  tofu , egg, scallions,
bean sprouts and ground peanuts.                                                                                              

CRISPY PAD THAI                                                                              10.95 / 11.95  
Crispy yellow egg noodle fried with shrimps, chicken, bean sprouts, scallions,
selected vegetables topped  with crushed peanuts.  

CRAZY NOODLE ( DRUNKEN NOODLE )                                     10.95 / 11.95
Pan-fried fresh wide rice noodle with shrimps, chicken, egg, onions, broccoli and basil leaves.

PAD SEE YOU                                                                                       10.95 / 11.95
Soft, wide rice noodle stir fried with sliced of chicken or beef , egg, vegetables and
dark sweet soy sauce.   

SIAM FRIED RICE                                                                              10.95 / 11.95                                         
Fried rice with shrimps, chicken, egg, and vegetables.

BASIL FRIED RICE                                                                         10.95
Popular and delicious, pan fried rice with ground chicken , onions, hot pepper and basil leaves.

MANGO FRIED RICE                                                                        10.95 / 11.95
Stir-fried rice with chicken and shrimp, egg, fresh mango, onions, snow peas.

PRIK POW FRIED RICE                                                                 810.95 / 11.95       
Choice of chicken ,beef , or pork stir- fried rice with bell peppers, onions, scallions and egg
in Prik Pow Sauce.

PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE                                                                   10.95 / 11.95
Fried rice with shrimp, chicken, pineapple, onions, vegetables, and curry powder.



( Served with white rice or brown rice )

VEGETABLE RAINBOW                                                             11.95
Stir-fried assorted vegetables with tofu in light soy sauce.

GREEN GARDEN                                                                         11.95
Steamed broccoli, carrot, sweet potatoes, green beans, baby corn and tofu.

VEGETABLE CURRY                                                                12.95
Sauteed assorted fresh vegetables in red curry sauce.

TOFU OR VEGETABLE PAD THAI (not served with rice)          10.95
The most famous Thai noodle dish stir-fried with assorted vegetable, egg and ground peanut.

VEGETABLE FIED RICE                                                            10.95
Fried rice with assorted fresh vegetables and egg.

TOFU STRING BEANS                                                            12.95
Sauteed tofu with green beans, cashew nuts, peanuts, red and green pepper in mild curry sauce.



(Served with white rice or brown rice)

PAPAYA GARDEN                                                                               12.95
Boiled chicken or pork on bed of seasoned vegetables served with special chef style peanut sauce.   

ORANGE CHICKEN                                                                           12.95
Crispy chicken with broccoli and carrot in a sweet and tangy mild orange sauce.

CHICKEN OR BEEF TERIYAKI                                                       12.95 / 13.95
A choice of chicken or beef with teriyaki sauce. Served with steamed vegetables.

MANGO CURRY                                                                              14.95
A seasoned dish ripe, fresh containing mango, simmered with chicken and shrimp
in a yellow curry base Brightened with red peppers, onions, carrots and summer squash.

DUCK CHOO CHEE                                                                         14.95
Boneless roasted duck sautéed in Thai Choo Chee curry and vegetables.

SEAFOOD MADNESS                                                                     17.95
Famous in Phuket Island, the mouthwatering dish consists of squid, shrimp, scallops and mussels sautéed with onions, mushrooms, zucchini, summer squash, bell peppers, simmered in special chef’s style sauce.

THAI STYLE BASIL ( KA-POW )                                                 13.95
Ground chicken sautéed with fresh minced hot peppers, basil leaves, mushrooms,
sweet peppers ,and onions

RACHA TRIO                                                                                       18.95
Sauteed chicken, beef, and pork in mouthwatering chef style sauce with pineaapples
snow peas, bell peppers, and baby corns.

SALMON PARADISE                                                                          18.95
Salmon wrappedin napa cabbage, steamed to perfection and accompanied with steamed
vegetable, glazed with yellow curry sauce.

GARLIC SALMON                                                                               18.95
Grilled salmon marinated in garlic sauce, white pepper and soy sauce, served on a bed of
assorted steamed vegetables.

LEMONGRASS CHICKEN                                                                  18.95
A filet of chicken marinated with delicate lemongrass, char-grilled served on sauteed
assorted vegetables.



( Served with white rice or brown rice )

CHICKEN OR BEEF BASIL ( KA-POW )                                  11.95 / 13.95
Chicken or beef sautéed with fresh minced hot peppers, basil leaves, mushrooms,
sweet peppers, and onions.

CHICKEN OR PORK GINGER                                                         11.95
Sliced pork or chicken sautéed with mushrooms, peppers, baby corn, onions,
and Special thai herbs sauce.

CHICKEN OR BEEF BROCCLI                                                        11.95 / 13.95
Chicken or beef sautéed with broccoli, carrots in oyster sauce.

CHICKEN CASHEW  NUT                                                              13.95
Sliced chicken sautéed with roasted cashew nuts, onions, snow peas,mushrooms, and scallions. 

PINE NUT CHICKEN                                                                          13.95
Tender chicken sautéed with roasted pine nuts and assorted colorful vegetables in
Fragrant ginger sauce.

CHICKEN PINEAPPLE                                                                       13.95
Chicken, pineapple, snow peas,tomatoes, yellow squash ,and onions,sautéed with curry powder.

SWEET AND SOUR CHICKEN                                                         11.95                          
Chicken sautéed with sweet and sour sauce, assorted with seasoned vegetables. 

WILD BOAR BASIL                                                                     11.95             
Stir-fried tender pork with seasonal vegetables in special chef style spicy sauce.

HOT BEEF                                                                                      13.95
Sauteed  tender sliced beef, assorted vegetables with southern chef ‘style sauce.

CHILI DUCK                                                                                         18.95
Half a boneless duck roasted and fried until crispy, then sliced and glazed with
our chef's spicy sauce, served with sauteed, assorted fresh vegetables.

TAMARIND DUCK                                                                              18.95
Crispy half boneless duck topped with special tamarind sauce with snow pea,
baby corn, scallion and mushrooms.

SIAM DUCK                                                                                          18.95
Roasted, crispy boneless duck, served with a special curry sauce and assorted

SIZZLING PLA PLATTER                                                                    18.95
Deep fried whole fish or fillet topped with house special sauce, shredded pork,
ginger, onions, mushroom, pepper and scallions.

VOLCANO FISH                                                                                    18.95
Deep fried whole fish or fillet with a chef's lava sauce and assorted vegetable.



JASMINE RICE (WHITE)                                                                   3.00

BROWN RICE                                                                                      3.00

STEAMED NOODLE                                                                           3.00

STICKY RICE                                                                                       3.00


THAI CUSTARD                                                                                  6.95
~ Combination of egg, sugar and coconut milk baked and served  warm
topped with whipped cream.

KAO NEOW SANGKAYA                                                                   7.50
~ A favorite Thai dessert, the firm texture of egg, palm sugar, coconut milk baked
and served warm with sweet sticky rice.

BANANA IN THE BLANKET                                                             7.50
~ Slices of banana wrapped in spring roll sheet, deep fried till golden brown,
then drizzled with honey and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

MANGO WITH SWEET STICKY RICE                                            7.50                     
~ Typical Thai dessert of sweet sticky rice topped with house special coconut milk sauce
served with ripe mango.

SPECIAL HOUSE ICE CREAM                                                         4.00
~ Coconut ice cream, ginger ice cream, green tea ice cream, vanilla ice cream.
ICE CREAM DELIGHT                                                                      6.25
~ Choice of ginger, coconut, green tea, and vanilla ice cream, served with sticky rice.

FRIED ICE CREAM                                                                            5.95

LYCHEE IN SYRUP ON ICE                                                              3.00



( If you need a special meal because of health or allergies, please ask your server.)

                            ( We will be happy to preparing one for you )

                            We do not use MSG in preparing your food.

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